Winter is in full force in the Northeast. That means icier sidewalks, parking lots and entry ways. This also means it is a good time for business owners to take a look at their insurance policies. Is it time to expand coverage? Do you really understand what your policy covers in case a patron were to slip-and-fall entering your business? What happens if someone does make a premises liability claim against your business? Asking these questions now rather than later, is just one of the many preventative measures you can take.

Proactive Measures

There is no way to fully control whether your business will face a premises liability claim. However, you can take steps to help minimize the risk of one happening.

The following are proactive steps to consider:

  • Fair warning: One of the biggest defenses against premises liability is to have proper notice of any potential hazards or dangers. This is the typical “Caution Wet” sign. While this may seem like an obvious measure, small hazards can easily be over-looked. Instilling a protocol for your business and your employees for such warning signs can keep things consistent.
  • Due diligence: Instead of waiting for a hazard or unsafe condition to pop-up it would be best to make continuous inspections. A schedule indicating when and how such inspections occur at your business can also be especially useful in defending against a claim.
  • Proper protocol: Having specific procedures and protocols for any spills, accidents, hazards, etc. for your employees to follow can help prevent any confusion. That way there aren’t fingers pointing and it is clear what happens when a spill needs to be cleaned up and who needs to follow through.

These are just some actions to take in order to make your business and workplace safer for both employees and patrons.