Experience in concert with an emphasis on character, honesty, and a practical approach to our work sets us apart.

History Steeped In Trial Experience
And Providing Exceptional Results

Experience in concert with an emphasis on character, honesty, and a practical approach to our work sets us apart.

General Liability Defense

At Hagelin Spencer LLC, our primary focus is on defending individuals, businesses, and insurance carriers against negligence liability lawsuits. We maintain the highest standards of advocacy and professionalism in representing our clients from pre-suit advice all the way through jury verdicts and appellate practice.

Our attorneys understand the importance in conducting a complete investigation into all relevant facts of your case, and we bring a deep understanding of the complex legal and medical components to every file. Whether it’s responding to a lawsuit, or readying your case for trial or appeal, no firm is more thorough or more prepared than Hagelin Spencer LLC.

Municipal Liability

New York State municipalities, including counties, cities, villages, and townships, are frequently involved in litigation. When they are, it is vital that litigants are aware of the unique legal framework that affects every part of the case, including very brief deadlines to file a notice of claim. Our attorneys are familiar with the regulatory, statutory, and procedural nuances that are unique to municipal litigation.

Product Liability

We are surrounded by commercial products in every moment of every day, resulting in potential exposure for manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers at all times. Despite the best efforts of any business, litigation with regard to product safety is bound to arise. At Hagelin Spencer LLC, we are intimately familiar with product liability litigation, including cases arising out of design defect, manufacturing defect, and inadequate warning labels.

Construction Liability

Injuries frequently occur on or near construction sites, and they can occur in the context of both Workers’ Compensation claims or general negligence liability. Consistent with our extensive practice of insurance and liability defense, we at Hagelin Spencer LLC are accustomed to construction litigation and the potential risks posed to developers, contractors, and subcontractors in the ordinary course of business, including the notorious scaffolding law.

Wrongful Death

Personal injury actions sometimes arise from an unfortunate event that results in a death. We understand that these actions involve not only a high degree of potential exposure, but also significant emotional factors. Our attorneys make sure to give every case their utmost attention to detail, while staying mindful of and sensitive to emotional considerations that weigh on juries, judges, the parties, and their families.


We understand that zealous litigation can be costly. In an effort to reduce those costs and reach amicable resolutions more efficiently, Hagelin Spencer LLC explores alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options in nearly every one of our cases. ADR tools include non-binding mediation, arbitration, and even specialized trial stipulations limiting costs and maximum exposure. At Hagelin Spencer LLC, we proudly achieve high success rates with each of these methods.

Lead Paint Defense

Although the use of lead paint in residential and commercial properties is now restricted by New York State law, it is still extremely common to find properties where lead paint was used before those laws went into effect. When lead is exposed by chipped, cracked, or peeling paint, people can sustain significant ailments and injuries, leading to potential exposure for businesses and property owners. If you are faced with a lawsuit as a result, contact Hagelin Spencer LLC to consider your options in response.