What Constitutes A Products Liability Claim?

Products liability cases arise due to an injury caused by an allegedly defective product or good. Parties to such a lawsuit can include manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, retailers, and other individuals or entities that make products available to the public.

New York law regarding products liability cases is complex. Defendants may face causes of action in negligence, breach of warranty, and strict liability. It is important to retain lawyers well-versed in products liability law to defend your interests.

Efficient And Effective Representation

With tremendous attention to detail, the team at Hagelin Spencer LLC make certain to explore every possible legal option. Hagelin Spencer LLC has defended manufacturers of elevators to tableware, and from sports equipment to auto parts. This experience coupled with our team’s understanding of the nuances of New York State’s products liability law allows our team to obtain the best results.

Protecting Your Company’s Interests

Hagelin Spencer LLC provides quality legal representation of individuals and businesses across New York State. If you have questions concerning products liability, please contact our law firm by calling 716-849-3500. We have offices in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Garden City, and Jersey City, New Jersey. We handle claims and litigation (in the state and federal courts) throughout the state of New York, including all five boroughs of New York City, and Long Island.