Experience in concert with an emphasis on character, honesty, and a practical approach to our work sets us apart.

History Steeped In Trial Experience
And Providing Exceptional Results

Experience in concert with an emphasis on character, honesty, and a practical approach to our work sets us apart.

Assisting You With A Wrongful Death Claim

At Hagelin Spencer LLC, our attorneys know what steps to take when you face a wrongful death lawsuit. We will do everything in our power to reduce or eliminate consequences due to a lawsuit filing. As experienced and skilled litigators, we can represent your interests in federal, state, and local court as well as in mediation and arbitration.

The experienced and qualified lawyers at Hagelin Spencer LLC are prepared to handle a wide variety of personal injury and wrongful death cases. Throughout our firm’s history, we have represented individuals, insurance companies, self-insured businesses, manufacturers, school districts, and municipalities in wrongful death cases. We represent such individuals and entities throughout New York State.

Defending Wrongful Death Cases

Wrongful death claims present unique legal issues in addition to those that arise out of nonfatal personal injury claims. Oftentimes, defending against a wrongful death claim requires very technical medical and financial expertise as well as a more nuanced approach to the litigation itself. New York State’s laws differ from many other state’s laws in wrongful death cases.

Potential damages in wrongful death cases focus on conscious pain and suffering as well as pecuniary (economic) damages. New York State law also allows for “pre-impact terror” causes of action for the fear a decedent experienced immediately prior to their fatal injury. Ascertaining the time of death as well as the decedent’s level of consciousness are very important factors when limiting damages for conscious pain and suffering. Moreover, determining pecuniary (economic) damages in wrongful death cases requires an in-depth analysis of the decedent’s finances, work history, future earning potential, and the number of financial dependents, amongst other factors. The best arguments are often tactful and direct, but sympathetic to the surviving family.

Making Your Interests And Concerns Our Top Priority

We understand that facing a wrongful death claim can be highly stressful. The attorneys at Hagelin Spencer LLC always listen to your concerns regarding wrongful death cases. We promptly investigate the matter and make ourselves available to answer all of the client’s questions and put them at ease. We will take the time to explain the legal process to the client and then work effectively to achieve the best outcome.

Our reputation is important to our firm’s business. We focus on achieving the right result in each individual case. We carefully work up each issue to secure a prompt and favorable outcome, while providing real emotional support to the client.

Putting Decades Of Experience To Work For You

Hagelin Spencer LLC provides quality legal representation of individuals and businesses across New York State. If you have questions concerning wrongful death claims, please contact our law firm by calling 716-849-3500. We have offices in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Garden City, and Jersey City, New Jersey. We handle claims and litigation (in the state and federal courts) throughout the state of New York, including all five boroughs of New York City, and Long Island.