Experience in concert with an emphasis on character, honesty, and a practical approach to our work sets us apart.

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Experience in concert with an emphasis on character, honesty, and a practical approach to our work sets us apart.


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Our team of insurance defense litigators can be engaged to represent clients who are facing a wide range of different types of insurance matters. We have an office in Jersey City, New Jersey, and we also serve people on Long Island out of our Garden City location. If you are upstate, there is an office right in your backyard if you are in Syracuse, Rochester, or Buffalo.

When you work with our firm, you can rest assured that we will apply our expertise to gain the best possible outcome. The track record that we have been able to establish will tell you a lot about our efficacy. Going back to 2009, we have represented clients in nearly one hundred different cases that were ultimately decided by a jury. In three out of every four of these cases, the jurors came back with no-cause verdicts in favor of our clients.

In the vast majority of the few cases that went in favor of the plaintiffs, the recovery was less than $50,000, so there is a very high probability that you will be pleased with the outcome if you engage our insurance defense litigators.

When it comes to automobile accidents, we often defend insurers through indemnification. This is the term that describes the transfer of liability from one party (in these cases the drivers) to another (the insurance companies). As we have stated, we have a number of presences in the state of New York. This is a no-fault auto accident insurance state, so there are intricacies that are specific to our state. We have a comprehensive understanding of these laws, and this knowledge is invaluable when we handle New York motor vehicle accident liability cases.

In addition to these matters, we also handle insurance defense litigation for issues that stem from injury accidents that occur on personal or commercial property. Plus, we represent clients that are faced with product liability allegations, medical malpractice suits, and any other insurance defense scenarios that may arise.

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