Hagelin Spencer LLC is proud to announce the addition of Meg Organek to our shareholder ranks alongside Michael Hagelin and Sean Spencer as of January 1, 2019.

The announcement was made at the recent firm holiday party held at the Theodore Roosevelt Museum. The attached photo shows Meg being presented with a crystal bowl to commemorate her achievement.

Meg has distinguished herself as an associate of the firm and enjoyed great success with her trial work and file handling. Her natural leadership skills are on display in the Buffalo Office every day where she has set the standard for hard work and competency.

Much of her work involves defense of Premises Liability and Auto Liability files. She is also deeply involved in firm management work and is a great mentor for many. Meg has developed a strong reputation as an even-tempered and successful practitioner with the Courts and Counsel.

Sean and I are delighted to have seen Meg grow into this new role and look forward to all her help and advice as the firm continues to service clients in all the counties and locales of New York State from Buffalo to New York City and everywhere in between! 

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