Insurance defense lawyers in Syracuse and Garden City, NY

The Role of Insurance Defense Lawyers

Imagine the coldest and iciest New York winter. Let’s just say you are the proud owner of a popular pizzeria. On one of your busiest nights, a patron slips and falls right outside the door of your restaurant.  After consoling the injured patron, you offer to pay for their medical expenses but the patron says that is not good enough and states they are going to hire a personal injury attorney. Now you have the dreaded task of calling your insurance company and filing a claim with them.  The insurance company now tries to resolve the claim with the patron but their attorney is being unreasonable.  They are demanding excessive damages for the slip-and-fall accident. This is where insurance defense lawyers comes in.

Your insurance claim department will contact an insurance defense lawyers to work on resolving the claim in a efficient manner. When the insurance defense attorney contacts you, remember he is on your side.  It is important for you to provide any photos, evidence or witness reports of the accident to help the attorney with his case.  You might be deposed by the attorney to answer questions about the accident. Hopefully, a settlement can be reached to avoid the need for a jury trial. The insurance defense lawyer has two clients, you as well as the insurance company and it is their job to represent the interests of both parties.

When a situation like this occurs in cities such Syracuse or Garden City, New York, you can rest assured that the experienced insurance defense lawyers at Hagelin Spencer can assist with the claim.