Experience in concert with an emphasis on character, honesty, and a practical approach to our work sets us apart.

History Steeped In Trial Experience
And Providing Exceptional Results

Experience in concert with an emphasis on character, honesty, and a practical approach to our work sets us apart.

Defending Against Serious And Complex Slip-And-Fall Accident Cases

Homeowners and business owners can face liability simply by opening their doors. A visitor or customer may enter and slip on a slippery floor. A tenant of an apartment building may fall down the stairs. A worker at a factory may trip over a piece of equipment.

Hagelin Spencer LLC has been providing representation in slip-and-fall cases for individuals, self-insured businesses, and insurance companies for decades. We know what approach to take regarding plaintiffs’ claims. As litigation attorneys who have tried hundreds of jury trial cases throughout New York, we are always ready to defend your interests in court when necessary.

Defending Your Interest In Slip-And-Fall Cases

Slip-and-fall cases are some of the most common premises liability matters. Conditions such as defective floor tiling, slippery surfaces, torn carpeting, and poor lighting can lead to slip-and-fall accidents occurring.

The outcome of every case depends upon individual circumstances. For that reason, the staff at Hagelin Spencer LLC thoroughly investigates every case. We speak to you about what occurred. Then we analyze the circumstances, interview witnesses, have experts inspect the accident scene, and learn all we can about the accident through the discovery process. We also investigate for prior medical complaints and claims.

It is up to the plaintiff to prove fault in a slip-and-fall case. If the plaintiff claims that a dangerous condition caused the accident, the plaintiff must also show that you as the property owner had knowledge of the dangerous condition and could have corrected it.

Hagelin Spencer LLC has extensive experience defending insurance companies, property owners, landlords, and companies in slip-and-fall cases. Individuals and companies retain us due to our reputation for success inside and outside of the courtroom. We will do everything in our power to obtain the right result for you.

Providing You A Significant Advantage

Hagelin Spencer LLC provides quality legal representation of individuals and businesses across New York State. If you have questions concerning slip and falls, please contact our law firm by calling 716-849-3500. We have offices in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Garden City, and Jersey City, New Jersey. We handle claims and litigation (in the state and federal courts) throughout the state of New York, including all five boroughs of New York City, and Long Island.