Syracuse Insurance Defense Lawyer

In case you are facing some legal issues regarding your insurance policies and claims, the, why don’t you visit an insurance defense lawyer? Visiting an insurance defense attorney will be a wise move, obviously because they have specialized in cases that are related to insurance. If you are thinking that finding an insurance defense attorney is pretty difficult in cities like Buffalo, Garden City, Jersey City, Rochester and Syracuse, then you are mistaken. There are plenty of lawyers in these cities who are specialized in solving insurance related cases. But sadly, not all of them are experienced. However, you don’t need to worry much as there’s one law firm that doesn’t just have ample amount of experience but also, has a team of highly-qualified lawyers. Wondering which firm is that? Well, it’s none other than Hagelin Spencer LLC.

2 Aspects of Hagelin Spencer LLC That Has Helped Them Gain Popularity

Hagelin Spencer LLC is not just popular for having immense experience in solving insurance related issues but also, we have a couple of other aspects too that has made us garner popularity. Want to know about those aspects? Then keep reading this blog.

  • Wide Practice Areas– Most of the law firms in Buffalo, Garden City, Jersey City, Rochester and Syracuse just stick to one area of practice. But, if you visit us you’ll be really amazed to see that we have a wider practice area. We don’t just help handle all the aspects of insurance defense litigation, but we also help people solve commercial litigations, insurance coverage litigation, professional liability, general liability defense and much more. So basically, we are the one stop solution for most of your law oriented issues.
  • 100% Client Satisfaction– Our firm has solved around ninety cases of insurance defense litigation since the year 2009. And we are glad that more than half of our clients are satisfied with us. In the past 8 years, our experienced lawyers have worked really hard for helping all our clients receive no cause verdicts. And now, we are really happy and proud to announce that over 75% of the time, our reputed and respected lawyers have successfully received no cause verdicts. Isn’t this enough for you or anyone else to trust us?

After going through these points, if you are interested in hiring us, please feel free to contact us at our number (716) 849-3500. To know more about us and our team, check our website thoroughly.

Syracuse Insurance Defense Lawyer services from Hagelin Spencer provide you with peace of mind. Contact us for the best insurance defense lawyer in New York.


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