Professional Liability

One of the most trying times in a professional’s career can be an accusation of malpractice. Not only can this time be trying professionally, but financially and personally as well. Here at Hagelin Spencer, we pride ourselves in being able to help fellow professionals in these difficult and delicate cases.

Not only is it our goal to successfully defend the claim, but also to leave the professional’s reputation intact and unblemished. We accomplish this through our broad knowledge of the law, the courts, and the administrative bodies these case are brought in, as well as our wide network of professional colleagues that we can retain to assist us in a proper defense.

Although in the past professional liability was thought of as simply malpractice by a legal or medical professional, or perhaps a director or officer of a company, the range of professions that now have claims brought against them is growing. Beyond representing you professionally in litigation, we can also protect your interests in front of the various administrative and professional boards you may find yourself in front of. Furthermore, we can also prepare coverage opinions and assess potential liability prior to a suit being brought.

In the past, we have been retained by both national insurance companies to provide these services, as well as by professionals as individuals.

Legal malpractice

As lawyers, litigating the same types of cases as a potential client, we are in a unique position to understand exactly how to defend a malpractice suit as well as any proceedings brought by the Attorney Grievance Committee and the Departmental Disciplinary Committees in New York. We take pride in representing our fellow colleagues, and many we consider friends and confidants, in these tough times.

Medical malpractice

Not only will our firm represent physicians against whom a claim has been brought, but also hospitals, nurses, physicians’ assistants, and other health care professionals. Although we pride ourselves as trial attorneys, the firm understands that many physicians seek to avoid litigation. We will do our very best to balance this, and we always put the client first. We have relationships with many of the most skilled and esteemed physicians in the area and beyond to assist us in evaluating and defending medical malpractice cases. We pride ourselves as having constant contact with our clients so that they always know exactly where their case stands, our strategy going forward, and where a potential resolution may lie. Often accompanying a medical malpractice case, but also independently, Hagelin Spencer regularly represents physicians against claims brought by the Office of Professional Medical Conduct and the New York State Department of Health, and in licensure matters before those entities.

Other Professional Malpractice

Hagelin Spencer also represents those in finance, accounting, and banking against claims related to auditing, reporting, and tax preparation; architects and engineers against negligent design and breach of contract claims; insurance agents and brokers in claims alleging a failure to procure; as well as business directors and officers in suits brought against them, including breach of fiduciary duty.