Insurance Defense

From file intake to jury verdict, Hagelin Spencer handles all aspects of insurance defense litigation in a variety of settings. Our record at trial speaks for itself. Since 2009, attorneys at Hagelin Spencer have tried approximately 90 cases to verdict, receiving no cause verdicts over 75% of the time.

Of the cases where a verdict was reached in favor of the plaintiff, approximately 80% of those cases had verdicts or post-trial settlements of under $50,000. From automobile negligence to premise liability to supplemental under or uninsured litigation (SUM), our team of trial tested and pragmatic attorneys will work to assure that you receive the most favorable outcome.

Aside from representing individuals and insurance carriers in litigated matters for all courts in New York State, Hagelin Spencer also handles all aspects of personal injury defense, no-fault, and SUM arbitration.

We understand that litigation is not always the preferred route, and that arbitration may sometimes be preferable. We have handled arbitrations before local panels, the American Arbitration Association, and National Arbitration and Mediation (NAM) to great effect, and can do so for you as well.

Motor Vehicle Litigation

Motor vehicle accidents can often involve complex medical and legal issues and take place in a variety of forums. Having a legal team on your side that understands the statutory and medical underpinnings of your case is essential. At Hagelin Spencer, we possess a broad range of experience in all aspects of motor vehicle litigation that allow us to quickly and decisively respond to your needs in this complex and ever-changing area of the law. Our results speak for themselves.

SUM/UM Litigation

Supplemental underinsured motorist (SUM) and uninsured motorist (UM) litigation are hybrid areas of law that involve both contract and tort principles. The disputes can take place in local courts or before arbitrators. Deciding how best to handle these types of claims can be difficult in this multifaceted area of litigation. Hagelin Spencer has successfully litigated countless SUM and UM matters before juries and arbitrators across the state of New York. We know the pitfalls and perils that accompany this area of litigation and are prepared to respond to your needs in any forum.


The New York State no-fault law is a highly complex statutory system that governs the recovery of various benefits following a motor vehicle collision. When disputes arise for the payment of certain benefits, it is imperative that you have a team on your side that understands the complexity of the no-fault statute as well as the arbitrators before which the dispute will be heard. Hagelin Spencer is well versed in the defense of no-fault denials and craft personal and pragmatic plans for each arbitration. How can we help you with your no-fault litigation?


Sometimes parties choose not to litigate before judge and jury and decide instead to arbitrate their dispute or submit it to some form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). These specialized venues can take numerous forms, with different rules and panels for each form. When searching for counsel to guide you in these unique forums, consider choosing Hagelin Spencer. We have successfully arbitrated claims from Buffalo to New York City and understand the nuances and complexities that accompany each new arbitration.

Premise Liability

Premise liability involves a landowner’s liability for certain torts that occur on or off of their property. From slip and falls to dog bites to bar fights, premise liability cases can involve numerous parties and myriad facts that require piecing together and parsing out. It is important to get a full picture from the very beginning in order to better understand your position in this broad area of insurance coverage. At Hagelin Spencer, we’ve handled and tried cases involving residential and commercial properties, negligent and intentional torts, and dog bites. We understand that litigation involving your property can be overwhelming, and that is why our goal is to obtain a favorable outcome for our clients in as short a time as possible.

Self-Insured Defense

Many businesses maintain their independence by establishing their own insurance policies rather than purchasing typical commercial liability policies. At Hagelin Spencer, we understand and share your values, and we vow to devote the same attention, enthusiasm, and resources to defending your assets from potential exposure as we would with those of any insurance carrier. Our extensive experience in insurance defense fits with your business in the same way it is valued by our many insurance clients.

Defense of Canadian Insureds

The proximity of our Buffalo office to the Canadian border has enabled our firm to work closely with Canadian clients for many years. Our attorneys have vast knowledge into the Canadian insurance structure and the conflicts in law that often arise in cross-border situations. We continue to represent Canadian drivers throughout New York State for all of our insurance clients. As Hagelin Spencer continues to expand geographically, so too does our relationship with Canadian insureds statewide.