Commercial Litigation

No matter the size of your business, the most important attribute to look for in obtaining legal counsel is trial experience. While you may view a trial, and even litigation itself, at times as an undesirable option or a last chance, the mere presence of an established litigation firm at your side throughout the process invaluably increases your chances at successful negotiation or any other favorable result. At Hagelin Spencer, litigation is what we do. Whether your company is responding to a lawsuit, or just weighing its options when a dispute arises, you cannot overestimate the advantages of having a proven successful and aggressive law firm on your team at every stage.
We are full time trial lawyers who know people and know the law. Our attorneys conduct as many or more depositions, and take as many or more verdicts at trial on a per attorney basis than our peers. A simple consultation with Hagelin Spencer could change the entire outcome of your case, no matter what position you find yourself in. From landlord/tenant disagreements to complex commercial proceedings, there is no asset more valuable than a boutique litigation firm as respected as Hagelin Spencer.

Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract is a legal cause of action, and one of the most common sources of commercial lawsuits. Whether a party with whom you have done business has failed to honor their end of a deal, or the same has been alleged against you, there are numerous rights and options that you likely have not considered, or may even be aware of. Our firm can help you weigh your choices, and if necessary, bring the appropriate claim or defense to any court involved.

Contractor/Subcontractor Disputes

Disputes between contractors and subcontractors also have their roots in contract law, but more often than not, these disputes result in legal action by one party against another. When you feel that the terms of any agreement have been violated, it is crucial to consult with an experienced litigator who can recoup the money, services, and any other damages that you are entitled to, or alternatively, defendant you against the demands of your opponent.

Construction Disputes

Construction law is a combination of contract law, employment law, and at times, civil litigation. While we at Hagelin Spencer advise our clients of every possible avenue to resolve any disputes between general contractors, subcontractors, employees, agents, and independents, our expertise is in handling the negotiations and the legal action that may follow. Some of our attorneys have outside experience in the construction industry, but where we excel most is in the courtroom protecting the rights of our clients under a wide variety of contractual agreements.

Real Property Disputes

Inevitable within the acquisition and disposition of real estate is the ever-present field of litigation. Be it regarding a lease, sale, zoning issue, or development, disputes are bound to arise among multiple parties. When this occurs, your transactional real estate attorney may recommend contacting a litigation firm to protect your interests. We are always delighted to serve.

Pharmaceutical Disputes

Hagelin Spencer has experience in representing pharmaceutical companies in the defense of commercial claims brought by both competitors and consumers within the industry. The firm’s vast expertise in the area of tort defense has translated to success in all litigation matters, whether for negligence, contract disputes, business quarrels, or various other causes of action.