Garden City, Syracuse Insurance Defense Litigators

If you are in a legal mess and planning to hire a litigator, make sure you know what you are opting for. There are many law firms like us, offering you legal advice and help. But it is up to you to decide. If you are a resident of Buffalo, Niagara Falls or Syracuse, get your legal issues solved by our skilled and experienced litigators. But it is important for you to know their responsibilities before you let them deal with your matter in court. This blog will provide you with some vital information regarding the role of insurance defense litigators.

Important role of insurance defense litigators

  1. Initial case investigation

Litigation attorneys often conduct the initial investigation of a case. They determine if there is enough evidence in favor of the accuser to file a lawsuit. Similarly, in the case of the defendant, the litigators will see if there is enough evidence to defend a potential suit. The investigation process involves locating the witness, gathering documents, taking the statement of the witness, interviewing and investigating the facts which might lead to dispute. Hagelin Spencer LLC provide you with experienced litigators who are efficient in their fields and working towards result oriented practice.

  1. Gathering information

Litigation attorneys employ a variety of discovery devices to gain information relevant to the lawsuit. These devices include interrogatories, depositions, requests for production and requests for admission. They may also examine physical evidence and inspect the scene of the accident as well as collect, process and analyze information gathered during e-discovery.

  1. Trial

Though the majority of lawsuits filed in civil court are settled prior to trial, the cases that proceed to trial are handled by litigation attorneys. A skilled litigator, like the ones provided by our firm, will often collaborate with experts and clients to identify strengths and weaknesses in a case, develop persuasive arguments and prepare witnesses for testimony.

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