Garden City, Syracuse Insurance Defense Attorney

Are you looking for an insurance defense attorney? Finding the right lawyer who can perfectly represent your case in the court can be difficult. But we have good news for the residents of Garden City, Niagara Falls, and Syracuse. If you reside in these areas, feel free to connect us with your legal issues at Hagelin Spencer LLC. We provide full-time trial lawyers who are eligible in solving complex jury cases. They know the people and now the law. So, are you thinking of hiring us? But before you take a step forward, read this to know what you should expect from an insurance defense attorney.

Top Qualities of an insurance defense lawyer

  1. Giving you priority

Perhaps the most important quality that you should look in a defense attorney is his readiness to put his client’s needs first. He will make your safety his priority and keep all the confidential information to himself. He should further understand that the case will have an impact in your life and thus work further to get you out of the legal mess. He will listen to your plea and help it reach to the jury in a rightful manner.  

  1. Confidence

No matter how skilled your lawyer is, if he is not confident enough, there are high chances that your case might land in trouble. Your attorney should have the ability to take the risk, make a last minute decision and take risks if needed. There will be time when things will go wrong, but he must never lose hope and believe in himself.

  1. An analytical mind

Along with confidence, he must also have an analytical mind to question everything. He must look the case from different angles and leave no stone unturned. In short, he must have the ability to look beyond things.

So, we welcome the residents of Jersey City and Rochester, to let us assist you. Feel free to cal at (716) 849-3500 or visit us online at

Garden City, Syracuse Insurance Defense Attorney services provided by Hagelin Spencer is peace of mind when you need it most. Contact us today for details!

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