Insurance Defense Attorneys, Insurance Trial Council and Insurance Coverage Attorneys Serving Syracuse, NY

Insurance Defense Attorneys, Insurance Trial Council and Insurance Coverage Attorneys Serving Syracuse, NYHagelin Spencer LLC is proud to act as Syracuse, New York’s insurance defense litigators, providing clients with a wide range of solid legal representation. As Central New York’s economic and educational hub, Syracuse affords many opportunities to thrive. Hagelin Spencer LLC has benefited as a member of the Syracuse community, earning a reputation as experienced insurance coverage attorneys focused on obtaining positive results for our Syracuse clients.

Experienced in Producing Results
When it comes to hiring an insurance coverage lawyer, Syracuse comes to Hagelin Spencer LLC
Throughout Syracuse and the surrounding communities, Hagelin Spencer LLC is the insurance coverage lawyer of preference for a variety of clients. Our insurance defense lawyers are known for effective communication, integrity and intensity when it comes to providing legal representation for our clients. Their professional approach promotes the personal attention necessary to earn the trust of our Syracuse clients. Whether we are representing clients for issues such as automobile liability, premises liability, products liability, municipal liability, insurance coverage, malpractice liability, appellate practice or arbitration: Hagelin Spencer LLC provides the level of professional representation that has earned us a stellar reputation throughout Syracuse.

Clients throughout Syracuse have come to trust Hagelin Spencer LLC for delivering excellence in legal representation. Our broad range of expertise ensures our clients are represented by the right insurance defense appellate lawyer for their specific needs. Our insurance defense appellate attorneys have the professional experience to accurately and effectively represent you throughout every step, from your first introduction to final resolution. Our Practice Areas include:

This includes Arbitration and/or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), No-Fault Law, Self-Insured Defense, Premise Liability, Motor Vehicle Litigation, Supplemental Underinsured Motorist (SUM) and Uninsured Motorist (UM) Litigation. Our proximity to Canada enables Hagelin Spencer LLC to provide the same stellar service to Canadian clients.

Hagelin Spencer LLC provides expert defense for individuals, businesses and insurance carriers involved in negligence liability lawsuits. Syracuse knows Hagelin Spencer LLC is meticulous in preparation, ensuring they receive excellent legal representation in areas of General Liability, which may include: Product Liability, Municipal Liability, Construction Liability, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Lead Paint Defense and Wrongful Death.

Insurance Coverage law can be a maze of complicated issues that often leads to litigation. A professional with extensive knowledge of coverage and litigation law is your best guide through this confusing category of law. Thankfully for Syracuse residents, Hagelin Spencer LLC possesses the experiential knowledge necessary to represent you. Our knowledge of Insurance Coverage issues include: Automobile Coverage, Bad Faith issues, Declaratory Judgments, Homeowner’s and Property Coverage, Commercial Liability, Excess and Umbrella Coverage and Professional Liability.

Appellate Law requires a dedication to due diligence, an intimate understanding of the law and real-world experience in both filing and responding. Hagelin Spencer LLC brings the experience and understanding together to provide what it takes to successfully navigate the legal world of appeals. When orders are placed during the pendency of the litigation, they are known as interlocutory appeals. Final orders are given at the conclusion of a legal matter. Both appellants and respondents are well served by the appellate lawyers of Hagelin Spencer LLC.

The financial future, reputation and success of a professional can be threatened in an instant by an accusation of malpractice. Such an aggressive attack requires an equally aggressive and even more potent defense. Hagelin Spencer LLC has years of experience in defending companies and individuals against malpractice claims. Our malpractice attorneys possess the knowledge of malpractice law necessary to successfully defend against such claims throughout an ever-increasing number of professions, including Finance, Banking, Architecture, Accounting, Engineering, Insurance (including agents and brokers) and many, many other professions.

When a business faces commercial litigation there is a general desire to avoid a trial. However, it is vital to the protection of business assets to be prepared for this eventuality with dependable legal representation. The experienced commercial litigators of Hagelin Spencer LLC often provide an advantage during negotiations, showing legal opponents that you’re ready to defend yourself to the fullest extent of the law. Areas of Commercial Litigation representation include Breach of Contract, Construction and Real Property Disputes, Pharmaceutical Disputes, Contractor and Subcontractor Disputes and many other commercial interests.