Insurance Defense Attorneys, Insurance Trial Council and Insurance Coverage Attorneys Serving Garden City, NY

Insurance Defense Attorneys, Insurance Trial Council and Insurance Coverage Attorneys Serving Garden City, NYEast of New York City on Long Island, you’ll find Garden City, home of Hagelin Spencer LLC. Garden City has earned a reputation as the home of the airfield from which Charles Lindbergh took off on his landmark 1927 transatlantic flight. Hagelin Spencer LLC has earned a reputation as experienced insurance coverage attorneys focused on obtaining positive results for our Garden City clients.

Professional. Experienced. Successful.
Garden City and its neighbors have come to trust the professionals of Hagelin Spencer LLC for providing the services of dedicated insurance coverage lawyers. Our insurance defense lawyers are known throughout Garden City for their integrity in representing our clients. Their ability to traverse complex legal issues serve Garden City clients well, earning the respect of our community and their peers. From automobile liability to premises liability, products liability and malpractice liability, municipal liability to insurance coverage, appellate practice and arbitration, Hagelin Spencer LLC offers the legal representation you need with the personal and professional attention you deserve.

Garden City deserves quality legal representation from a firm that has the experience to provide services tailored to meet individual needs. Hagelin Spencer LLC is a diverse law firm served by insurance defense lawyers who know the law and know how to navigate the legal process to your benefit. Their intense approach to legal representation and broad knowledge of insurance law enable them to provide the counsel you need. Our areas of expertise includes:

The practice of Insurance Defense includes a variety of areas, such as Motor Vehicle Litigation, Supplemental Underinsured Motorist (SUM) and Uninsured Motorists (UM) litigation, as well as No-Fault law. We also provide Arbitration and/or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Premise Liability and Self-Insured defense. Being near the Canadian Border, Hagelin Spencer LLC provides Canadian Clients the opportunity to work closely with our insurance defense attorneys for resolutions of Canadian Insurance issues.

Our primary focus is on defending individuals, businesses and insurance carriers throughout Garden City against negligence liability lawsuits. You’ll discover that no firm is more thorough or more prepared than Hagelin Spencer LLC to provide solid legal defense in General Liability, which includes: Municipal Liability, Product Liability, Construction Liability, Wrongful Death, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Lead Paint Defense

The main priority of Hagelin Spencer LLC has always been the defense of individuals, businesses and insurance carriers throughout Garden City from liability lawsuits. Our law firm takes pride in our meticulous preparation when it comes to defending you. Areas of general liability practice include, but are not limited to:

The proper interpretation of Insurance Coverage and the disagreement thereof often sees parties of diverse opinions facing off in court. This complicated field of law demands professional representation from knowledgeable and experienced insurance coverage lawyers. Hagelin Spencer LLC attorneys have the specialized experience to provide excellent legal representation for numerous insurance coverage issues, such as: Homeowners and Property Coverage, Automobile Coverage, Bad Faith, Commercial Liability, Excess and Umbrella Coverage and Professional Liability, as well as Declaratory Judgments.

Whether an appellant or respondent in an appeal, your success depends primarily on the legal representation you receive. The professional appellate attorneys of Hagelin Spencer LLC have extensive experience representing both appellants and respondents. Our insurance appellate attorneys understand the appellate process and bring years of experience to work for each and every Garden City client. Whether it is an interlocutory appeal (orders placed during pendency of litigation) or a final order (given at conclusion of the matter), Hagelin Spencer LLC has the experience to deliver comprehensive appellate representation.

When faced with a malpractice lawsuit, professionals throughout Garden City turn to the defense attorneys of Hagelin Spencer LLC. Their comprehensive knowledge of the law and experience in defending against malpractice claims assures our clients receive excellent representation in numerous types of malpractice claims, including Medical Malpractice, Legal Malpractice, Finance, Architecture, Banking, Accounting, Engineering, Insurance (agents and brokers) and many other areas.

The financial security and ongoing success of a business isn’t hampered by the mere threat of commercial litigation. However, most businesses prefer to avoid a trial. When Garden City businesses are faced with commercial litigation they turn to the professionals of Hagelin Spencer LLC. As litigation specialists, we offer extensive experience as trial attorneys. Having a member of Hagelin Spencer LLC on your team can give you the edge you need during negotiating an out-of-court settlement. And when it’s time to go to trial, you’ll be glad to have our commercial litigation experts on your side. Our expertise in commercial litigation extends to Breach of Contract, Contractor and Subcontractor Disputes, Construction and Real Property Issues, Pharmaceutical disputes and many other commercial concerns.