Insurance Defense Attorneys, Insurance Trial Council and Insurance Coverage Attorneys Serving Buffalo, NY

Insurance Defense Attorneys, Insurance Trial Council and Insurance Coverage Attorneys Serving Buffalo, NYHagelin Spencer LLC is a proud resident of the Buffalo, New York community, providing essential services as insurance coverage attorneys.   Throughout the seat of Erie County along the eastern shores of Lake Erie, Hagelin Spencer has earned a reputation as experienced insurance defense litigators focused on results.  As full-time trial lawyers, we know the law…and we know people.  Our substantial experience in complex jury cases has resulted in a rate of success that is the envy of our peers.


Professional.  Experienced.  Successful.

Throughout Buffalo and the surrounding communities, Hagelin Spencer LLC acts as the insurance coverage lawyer for a host of clients in need of experienced trial counsel.  Our insurance defense lawyers are hired for character.  These are professionals who communicate with honesty and compete with intensity.  They treat each and every client with respect and that respect is reciprocated.  Automobile liability, municipal liability, premises liability, products liability, insurance coverage, malpractice liability, appellate practice or arbitration: Hagelin Spencer LLC delivers results focused representation to clients throughout Buffalo and our success speaks for itself.



When looking for proven, experienced insurance trial council, Buffalo clients want and deserve a law practice that has experience in handling cases just like yours.  Hagelin Spencer LLC.  Our diverse practice areas ensure you get the right insurance defense appellate lawyer…an insurance defense appellate attorney who understands the law as it pertains to your specific issue and has the trial experience to provide the professional representation you deserve.

Our Practice Areas include:



Insurance Defense includes: Motor vehicle litigation, supplemental underinsured motorist (SUM) and uninsured motorist (UM) litigation, No-Fault law, Arbitration and/or Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Premise Liability and Self-Insured defense.  The proximity of our Buffalo office to the Canadian border enables us to work closely with Canadian clients and our insurance defense attorneys are well versed in Canadian insurance structure.



Our primary focus is on defending individuals, businesses and insurance carriers throughout Buffalo against negligence liability lawsuits.  You’ll discover that no firm is more thorough or more prepared than Hagelin Spencer LLC to provide solid legal defense in General Liability, which includes: Municipal Liability, Product Liability, Construction Liability, Wrongful Death, Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Lead Paint Defense



Insurance coverage issues can be highly complicated and often result in litigation.  Such a highly specialized category of law requires extensive knowledge in the areas of coverage and litigation.  Hagelin Spencer LLC applies our experiential knowledge to Insurance Coverage issues that include: Automobile Coverage, Homeowners and Property Coverage, Commercial Liability, Bad Faith, Declaratory Judgments, Excess and Umbrella Coverage and Professional Liability.



Appeals present a complex challenge requiring meticulous application of appellate practice and procedure in addition to a comprehensive understanding of pertinent underlying facts and legal principles.  Interlocutory appeals involve orders placed during the pendency of the litigation while final orders are given at conclusion of the matter.  Whether appellant or respondent in an appeal, clients of Hagelin Spencer LLC receive the full benefit of our cost-effective and comprehensive appellate representation.



Few occurrences within ones professional career are as trying as an accusation of malpractice.  It is a professional, financial and personal affront that requires a broad knowledge of the law, the courts and the administrative bodies in which these cases are brought.  As the range of professions who face malpractice claims continues to grow, Hagelin Spencer LLC continues to provide defense for Buffalo professionals in a wide variety of professional liability areas, including: Legal Malpractice, Medical Malpractice and many other professionals in Finance, Accounting, Banking, Architecture, engineers, Insurance (agents and brokers) and many others.



There’s simply no substitute for experience when faced with commercial litigation.  While a trial and even litigation itself is often considered an undesirable option, having an established litigation firm on your side during the process substantially increases your chances at successfully negotiating towards a favorable result.  Buffalo businesses trust Hagelin Spencer LLC because litigation is what we do.  When disputes arise, you cannot overestimate the advantages of having an aggressive law firm with proven success at your side throughout every stage.  Our Commercial Litigation expertise includes Breach of Contract, Contractor and Subcontractor Disputes, Construction and Real Property Disputes, as well as Pharmaceutical Disputes.