Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo Insurance Coverage Lawyer

Since matters concerning insurance coverage can be extremely complex, it can often result in litigation. Needless to say, areas of litigation and coverage have become increasingly overlapping. We, at Hagelin Spencer endeavor to offer you a brilliant insurance coverage lawyer who can give you sound legal advice on coverage issues as well as provide you with effective solutions for defending you against the arising coverage disputes.

Here, we have enlisted a few coverage issues that our attorney will help you deal with using their considerable experience and litigation expertise.

  • Automobile Coverage: We have substantial experience in regularly dealing with various automobile cases involving coverage disclaimer, reservation of rights, UM/SUM benefit application, subrogation and issues of permissive use. So, if you need legal assistance regarding this kind of coverage, don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • Homeowners & Property Coverage: If you are confused about what is covered and what is not under your homeowner policy, we can help you. We understand the demarcation between a negligent act and an intentional act, where the confusion is mostly common. Apart from this, we have knowledge in property damage and business interruption losses arising out of a disaster. Therefore, we can deal with any such dispute that can happen over policy definitions, exclusions, cooperation, causation or fraud.



  • Commercial Liability: If your company and employees are put across a wide range of claims, you must first determine what your insurance covers and to whom it applies before you proceed ahead. Then, we can prepare a case in your favor through a declaratory judgment action or in the lawsuit itself. If you want to protect the best interests of your company, you must at once get a legal consultation with an experienced litigation firm.

So, if you are facing insurance coverage disputes in Buffalo, Garden City, Jersey City, Rochester, or Syracuse, you must get in touch with us for the proficient and competent insurance coverage lawyers. To know more, call us at (716) 849-3500 now.

Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo Insurance Coverage Lawyer services from Hagelin Spencer provides you with peace of mind when you need it most. Contact us for more.


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