Insurance defense litigators in Garden City, Buffalo, NY

insurance defense litigators often deal with matters indemnification and coverages



Hagelin Spencer are insurance defense litigators practicing in Buffalo, Garden City, Niagara Falls, Rochester and Syracuse. Insurance litigation is a branch of civil law dealing with legal procedures in various in various insurance defence and coverage matters. There are normally two parties, the carrier and the policy holder.


Insurance litigation often involves substantial sums of money and represents a very large area of legal and civil practice.  Insurance defence litigators can act for either party. Often insurance defense litigators are retained by a carrier in defense of one of their policy holders.


Insurance defense litigators often focus on indemnification when defending claims related to road accidents. Indemnification is the transfer of liability from one party to another. For example, a policy holder can transfer liability to his insurance company. The carrier will then appoint an Insurance defense attorney to act for the policy holder.

Insurance defense litigators often deal with matters related to coverage. Disputes often arise as to what is covered and what is not and under what circumstances. Some events might not be explicitly covered or explicitly excluded.

Insurance litigation covers several practice areas. These include among others, automobile accident claims, home insurance coverage, worker compensation claims, personal injury cases, professional liability claims, malpractice claims, product liability, professional negligence as well as dangerous work conditions for example asbestos (mesothelioma) litigation.

Quite often the main goal of insurance litigation will be to settle favorably (for as little as possible) and avoid lengthy and costly court proceedings. Litigation can be time consuming, expensive and disruptive. Few parties want to get involved in court case that can last for many months or even several years.

Insurance defense litigators are skilled in the fields of dispute resolution as well as litigation.

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