Insurance defense lawyers in Garden City and Rochester NY

Why is it important to hire proficient insurance coverage defense lawyers in Garden City, NY?

Are you currently having issues with your insurance coverage?  If so, it is highly recommended that you contact an insurance defense lawyer to help you as these issues can become highly complicated and may even result in litigation. Of course, you will want to choose a reliable and well-known lawyer such as one from the reputable firm Hagelin Spencer.

Reasons to choose Hagelin Spencer LLC

Here are a few reasons you should choose Hagelin Spencer:

  • Sound advice: We are not boasting, but we really do give our customers proper advice on coverage related issues before any decisions are made or taken. And we are absolutely proud of the fact that we provide sound advice. Plus, we help our clients defend themselves against any coverage disputes that may arise in future.
  • Highly qualified attorneys: Our firm works with some of the most qualified, reputed and reliable attorneys such as Michael T. Hagelin ESQ, Sean M. Spencer, ESQ, Daniel D. Dubnicki, ESQ, John H. Hagelin, ESQ and many other eminent and highly qualified attorneys of Garden city, Syracuse.
  • Vast Practice area: Our firm doesn’t just focus on insurance coverage issue and provide proper insurance coverage defense lawyer, but we specialize in a few other fields too such as, professional liability, commercial litigation, appellate practice and general liability defense.

To learn more information about our firm, visit our office or give us a call at (716) 849-3500.

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