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Imagine yourself as the owner of a popular restaurant and sports bar in Buffalo, New York.  Your dream since you were young has been to own a place where the Buffalo Bills fans can come and watch every game.   There is a nasty snow storm in December.  A patron slips in the parking lot.  You take care of your customer, making sure they are not injured.  He assures you he is fine and even stays to watch the entire Bills game – a 27-24 nail biting win over the Jets.

Now imagine how shocked you are when you receive a letter from a personal injury attorney claiming that the customer who slipped in the parking lot is seriously injured and will not be able to work for a long time.  The customer is seeking $500,000 in damages.

You send the letter to your insurance company and a claims manager contacts you.  You state the facts and are shocked that this person is seeking damages.  The insurance claims manager will now contact an insurance defense attorney.

A good insurance defense attorney will work with you, as well as the insurance claims manager, to resolve this claim as quickly as possible. Based on the fact that the customer stated that he was fine, and even stayed to watch the entire game, an insurance defense attorney might be able to eliminate this claim.

Eliminating this claim is in the insurance defense attorney’s best interest.  Insurance defense attorneys want more work from insurance companies.  Filing briefs, and deposing unnecessary people, infuriate both the insured and the insurance company.

When you have insurance coverage issues you need an expert in the field.  Hagelin Spencer LLC applies their many years of specialization in insurance coverage issues.  Their offices are located in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and Garden City, New York.




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