Insurance defense attorney in Rochester and Syracuse, NY

Your insurance defense attorney can be retained by your carrier

If you need an insurance defense attorney in Buffalo, Garden City, Rochester or Syracuse, then Hagelin Spencer can help. You want your insurance company selecting an insurance defense attorney who understands that you want the claim resolved as soon as possible.

What role does an insurance attorney play in resolving your claim? Let’s say you own a pizzeria in Buffalo. A customer slips and falls outside the store and breaks their arm. You file a claim with your insurance carrier. Your insurance carrier offers to pay their medical expenses. The plaintiff rejects it. They customer wants to be paid for pain and suffering in the amount of $300,000. The insurance company now retains an insurance defense attorney.

The insurance defense attorney obtains all of the facts of the case. The injured customer, as well as other individuals who witnessed the accident, will be deposed. After all of this information is accumulated the insurance defense attorney will try to reach a settlement with the plaintiff’s attorney.

As a client you should always remain in the loop and be aware of what is happening in your case. If not sure, you should ask questions and seek clarity. Insurance is a broad and complex field. There are many different types of insurance such as personal injury protection, liability coverage, auto insurance, medical insurance workmen’s compensation, life insurance property insurance and more.

In most cases an insurance defense attorney will deal with private insurance cases, such as personal injury, road accidents, life insurance and malpractice. When working with an insurance defense attorney it is good to know some basic things related to your policy such as the benefits, claims process and the type of coverage you have.

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