insurance defense attorney in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

An insurance defense attorney can make the difference between winning and losing

Insurance is a complicated field and so is law and litigation. When you bring the two together you can see why an insurance defense attorney can be so valuable. Insurance cases often end up in litigation. If you need an insurance defense lawyer in Buffalo, Garden City, Rochester or Syracuse, look no further than Hagelin Spencer.  Their insurance defense attorneys are highly trained and experienced in insurance litigation and defense and their trial record speaks for itself.

If you want the best outcome in an insurance case, then you should hire the services of an insurance defense attorney. They can negotiate pre-trial settlements or if the matter goes to trial, they will be your best shot at getting a favorable verdict and post-trial settlement. Litigation is not always the best route and often cases can be settled out of court. Arbitration is often a preferred course of action and an insurance defense attorney is your best bet when it comes to arbitration in front of a panel.

Many insurance cases involve personal injury, automobile negligence, supplemental under or uninsured motorist litigation. Because of the complexities of the no-fault laws it is a good idea to have a legal team with in-depth knowledge of the complex statutory systems on your side.

Whether your case relates to a road accident, personal injury, personal liability, under-insured, uninsured, no-fault insurance, arbitration or premise liability, the outcome depends on the strength of your evidence and understanding of the law. Those who are less familiar with the intricacies and complexities of the law benefit from hiring experienced insurance defense attorneys such as those at Hagelin Spencer in New York.



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