Insurance coverage lawyer in Buffalo and Rochester, NY

The importance of an insurance coverage lawyer

Corporate and personal insurance policies are complex, and the language can be quite convoluted. When an incident occurs, the two parties may disagree over what exactly is covered under the insurance policies. When this occurs you need an insurance coverage attorney. The insurance coverage attorneys at Hagelin Spencer understand the complex language of insurance policies. The different areas that we serve include Buffalo, Garden City, Rochester and Syracuse, NY.

The different cases that we cater to

We hold expertise to litigate coverage disputes in different insurance policies which include:

* Any policy insuring risk facing government sector insurers, corporations and individuals
* Travel
* Professional liability
* Premises liability
* Theft
* Property and casualty
* Commercial
* Fiduciary liability
* Employment and Public Officials liability
* E&O
* D&O
* Insurance Coverage Litigation Homeowner’s Association
* Disputes Landlord-Tenant Law
* Negligent Security
* Non-Compete Litigation
* Personal Injury
* Professional Malpractice
* Property Tax Appeals
* Securities Arbitration & Litigation
* Tortious Interference With Business Relationships
* Wrongful Death

Let’s say an accident occurs at your business. Although it may seem like a simple claim, the insurance company may provide a loss calculation different than what the claimant is expecting. Even if your business has knowledgeable outside counsel, it is very unlikely that they specialize in insurance coverage issues. Our attorneys will analyze how the loss was calculated, correspond with the insurance company, work with your insurance broker, obtain expert witnesses, and find the wording in the insurance policy that best supports your case.