Insurance coverage attorney in Syracuse and Rochester NY

Hagelin Spencer is an insurance coverage firm in Buffalo, Garden City, Rochester and Syracuse and can help you with automobile liability, municipal liability, premises liability, products liability, insurance coverage, malpractice liability, appellate practice and arbitration.

Insurance coverage is a complex field and cases often end up in arbitration or court. An insurance coverage attorney handles cases related to automobile coverage, homeowners’ coverage, commercial liability, umbrella coverage, professional liability, bad faith and declaratory judgments.

An insurance coverage attorney often needs to deal with issues related to subrogation, reservation of rights, disclaimer of coverage, UM/SUM benefits, causation, policy definitions and more.

Insurance is a contract between the carrier and the insured. It is however a special type of contract and falls within a specialized body of law.  An insured, whether a business or individual, uses insurance and a risk management or loss control tool. Insurance is supposed to mitigate the consequences or losses arising from an unintended act or undesired event.

When an insurance company refuses to honor, whether rightly or wrongly, the matter can soon become one for litigation.  This is when you need an insurance coverage attorney. They have the legal knowledge and extensive litigation experience and will fight to obtain the coverage a client has paid for.

Insurance lawyers could also be retained by a carrier to handle issues and disagreements surrounding insurance coverage, benefits and policies.

Often matters can be resolved and settled out of court. But when litigation becomes unavoidable, you need a result orientated insurance coverage attorney on your side.


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