Insurance coverage attorney in Buffalo and Garden City, NY

An insurance coverage attorney can make the difference between winning and losing

Insurance covers a broad spectrum of possible events and outcomes. The stakes are high and the law is complex. If you want to get the best possible outcome in either out of court settlements, arbitration or litigation, then you need the help of an insurance coverage attorney. Hagelin Spencer is a law firm specializing in insurance defense and they can help you with your case in Buffalo, Garden City or Rochester. When you need an insurance coverage attorney for litigation or arbitration you want to retain a lawyer who has experience in litigation, is results orientated and has a track record that makes his peers green with envy.

Insurance coverage issues are can be very complicated and often ends in litigation. That is when you need an insurance coverage attorney who very capable. Whether your case involves professional liability, automobile coverage, excess coverage, umbrella coverage, homeowner’s insurance, life insurance or commercial liability, you need an insurance defense attorney with expertise in these areas.

There are many coverage issues that can arise. For example, if you are subject to a bad faith claim you need to act immediately. If you don’t confront and deal with allegations from the get go, they will only simmer and eventually boil over. Other coverage issues that may need to be dealt with include subrogation, disclaimer of coverage, reservation of rights, UM/SUM benefits, permissive use issues and many more.

A case might revolve around exactly what is covered and what is not. These matters can often be very confusing for a policyholder. Then there are matters such as negligence and intention. There are often subtle distinctions such as the difference between storm damage and flood damage. Then there are consequential matters such as business interruption due to storm or flood damage.

When it comes to insurance coverage and litigation, the stakes are high. Your best chance at a favorable outcome is with the help of an insurance coverage attorney.


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