Buffalo, Garden City, Rochester, NY Insurance Attorney

An insurance coverage attorney for resolution and litigation

Hagelin Spencer is an insurance coverage attorney in Buffalo, Garden City, Rochester and Syracuse. They are litigation attorneys with a results oriented approach and an impressive success rate. Insurance coverage is a complicated field and cases of end in litigation. You want a good insurance coverage attorney before you proceed with litigation. You also want an attorney with substantial ligation experience, especially in the area of insurance coverage. Your insurance coverage attorney will advise you regarding insurance coverage and the pros and cons of potential litigation.


Not all matters need to end in litigation. Your insurance coverage attorney is also skilled in negotiations and dispute resolution. Often an out of court settlement can be reached.


Some common areas of insurance coverage include automobile coverage, home and property insurance, business interruption insurance,  commercial liability, professional liability, bad faith, declaratory judgments, comprehensive coverage as well as excess and umbrella coverage.


When it comes to automobile cases your insurance coverage attorney routinely deals with matters such as subrogation, reservation of rights, disclaimer of coverage, UM/SUM benefits and permissive use issues.


Matter related to home insurance are equally complicated. What is covered and what is not covered is often confusing to the insured. This becomes even more blurred when you consider cause as a negligent or intentional act. Then there is the distinction between storm damage and flood damage.


Business interruption is another area where things can get murky. Business interruption losses resulting from disasters can bring arguments that deal with no-cooperation, fraud, causation, policy exclusions and so on.


Legal principles such as bad faith, basis in fact, declaratory judgements and many others can determine the outcome of litigation.  Therefore, it makes sense to consult with an experienced insurance coverage attorney before proceeding with litigation.


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