Buffalo, Garden City NY insurance coverage defense lawyer

Insurance coverage defense lawyer to defend against 3rd party claims

Hagelin Spencer is an insurance coverage defense lawyer in Buffalo, Garden City and Syracuse. An insurance defense lawyer often represents a carrier’s client against 3rd party claims. When a 3rd party initiates a liability claim the defendant could be represented by an insurance coverage defense lawyer. The carrier or insurance company usually appoint insurance defense lawyer.

Insurance is a complex field and liability and coverage laws are equally complicated. The main legal issue in a 3rd party case would be determining whether the defendant is liable to the third party. Since third party claims can be substantial, the matter is one of great importance to the parties involved.

The facts related to an incident involving a 3rd party must be carefully examined and analyzed. An insurance coverage defense lawyer will need to assess the facts and details of the incident. The lawyer will also determine if there are any coverage issues. The defense attorney will attempt to show the insured is not liable. If that is not possible the insurance defense lawyer will try to negotiate a favorable settlement.

Hagelin Spencer has many years defending carrier’s clients against 3rd party or liability claims. An insurance defense lawyer often defends insured clients in bad faith claims. An insurance coverage defense lawyer’s work often involves drafting insurance policies and procedures, providing coverage opinions, crafting resolution strategies, insurance appraisals, claim litigation, appeals and subrogation.

Cases dealt with often include property insurance, professional liability, general liability, motor vehicle insurance, business insurance, health insurance, comprehensive and umbrella coverage. An insurance defense attorney often needs to focus on third party insurance and related liability claims. In addition, an insurance defense lawyer can also act for the insurance company and defend bad faith claims brought by the insured.




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